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As a local family history, genealogy research centre and registered charity, KARA is now 25 years old. Our reference library is rich in resources to aid in your family research. Visitors  and new members are welcome.

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Family History Research in the Kawartha Region -the Counties of Peterborough, Northumberland, Haliburton, and old Victoria (now City of Kawartha Lakes).  We cover all of these and so much more!

Join the KARA Research Centre. A welcoming environment where members and visitors research family  and local history, meet up with friends and spend delightful afternoons chatting about their work.

Friendly KARA Volunteer Staff are always available to assist by explaining and helping locate resources; to discuss avenues of current or future research; or provide general background information about different research materials. Whether experienced genealogist or beginner, all are welcomed to the KARA Research Centre’s renowned atmosphere of warmth and helpful assistance.

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Overview Of KARA Resources

We have often been asked about posting an outline of the resources in the KARA Research Centre. And today, we can say, here it is. We have created a list of the types of resource materials to be found at KARA. Each one has a short description about the origins of the research documents. 

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KARA Online Resources

KARA members can now enjoy access to some of our resources online. This is a new feature that will continue to expand as we progress with digitizing our materials.


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At the KARA web store we have a nice range of books for you to search. We have new and used books, plus all the types you might be looking for. 

We cover family history research in the Kawartha region – the counties of Peterborough, Northumberland, Haliburton, and Old Victoria. Plus so much more.

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We are located in Peterborough, Ontario. KARA is an awesome organization! We operate on Volunteer power. From Board members to Research Centre staff, everyone donates time and expertise.

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Voyage to Upper Canada

On the morning of 11 May 1825, the sailing conditions were right for departure and the ships slowly made their way out of the Port of Cove, heading for the open seas. After many days crossing, the vessels began arriving at their point of destination, the Port of Quebec. The ship John Barry arrived on 15 June 1825, the Brunswick was close behind, making port on the 27 June 1825. Passengers were moved to steamboats that took them onward to the town of La Chine. Here the families were given a few days to a week of rest before once more heading out on their journey inland. From La Chine they took passage on Batteaux that moved them onward to the town of Prescott.

Current KARA Projects

Now In Draft Robinson Settler Descendants 1825-2025

Coming In Time For 2025

At KARA, we are eager to hear from you. You may be able to contribute new information. Perhaps you can resolve a question about a family connection. Or maybe you have a lovely family photo to share.

Douro Families Continue...
Discover the families of Douro From 1870 To 1925

In Progress

A new book coming out before long. Here is the continuing history of the families who called Douro home. Picking up in 1870 where our first book ended, this will be the ongoing story of family life in the community.

If you have questions, information or something to contribute use the link below.

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How To Subscribe To The KARA Monthly Newsletter

There is now a monthly newsletter, which will cover all the current news relating to KARA.  In addition the monthly newsletter will also include material relating to the KARA Web Store. As well, the monthly newsletter will have updates concerning our  Online Search. That is the part of our website for members to access some of KARA’s digitized material.

If you would like to subscribe to the KARA monthly newsletter, simply click the link below to visit our web store then scroll to bottom of the page. On the form, add your name and email, to join our monthly newsletter.

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Memberships & Research

If you are looking to join KARA and become a member. Or you are interested in KARA providing research services for you then one of following types are available.

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As a KARA Member during a year of membership, you will receive access to the KARA Research Centre; a 10% discount on book purchases made at the KARA Research Centre and on our Webstore. Enjoy the opportunities to meet with other family historians.

As a KARA Member during a year of membership, you will receive access to the KARA Research Centre; a 10% discount on book purchases made at the KARA Research Centre and on our Webstore. Enjoy the opportunities to meet with other family historians.

$35.00 per hour
Minimum of two hours.

Basic Research covers a search of the typical main types of documents. Research can be purchased on our Web Store. 


$ 60.00 per hour
Minimum of two hours.

Detailed Research, is the same as basic research. Additional research included for a more detailed search. Click the link below for more information.

Stories From The Past

Discovering the Records

The journey to discovering the family ancestors includes a little learning about the history of where they lived and where they attended religious services. For example, if your ancestors arrived here  between 1791 and 1840, then they would have lived in Upper Canada, that we know today as Ontario, or Lower Canada, that we now call Quebec. For those interested in discovering more follow this link.

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