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Edward Meyer of Pickering Township

Edward Meyer was born in Switzerland, 2 February 1842. By the late 1860s, he resided in Markham Township, Ontario where he married Magdalena Wideman. She was born in the township about 1842, a daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Magdalena (Sherk) Wideman. Magdalena also had a son, Noah Baker, born to her in 1858. Noah was about twelve years old when his mother married Edward Meyer on 1 November 1870.

By the 1880s, Edward and Magdalena lived in a small community called Altona, located in Pickering Township, Ontario. Here in May 1873, a son, Jacob, was born. Two years later in July 1875, Susannah Meyer was born. A second daughter, Elizabeth, was born to Edward and Magdalena in September 1879. One more child was born to the Magdalena and Edward. This was Albert Meyer who was born on 3 May 1882. This little boy lived only eleven days, his death occurring on 12 May 1882.

Edward and Magdalena Meyer

Jacob, Susannah and Lizzie Meyer
with cousins Henry and Barbara Snider

A photograph was taken of Jacob and his sisters along with their cousins, Henry and Barbara Snider. The picture was likely taken around 1890.

In March 1894, at Pickering Township, Susannah Meyer became the wife of Levi Grove. Levi was a son of Jacob and Mary Grove and was born 19 July 1869. They had a family of three daughters, May born in 1895; Maggie born in 1897 and Mary born in 1902.

A couple of years after Susannah’s marriage, her brother Jacob, married Rosanna Byer. Their wedding took place in the village of Pickering in February 1896. Jacob and Rosanna made their home in Pickering Township.

Elizabeth Meyer, the youngest child of Edward and Magdalena, married in December 1903. Her husband was William McNair, son of Johnson and Mollie (Ramer) McNair. They had three children, Frederick born in 1906, Flossie born in 1908 and Earl, born in 1910.

 Not long before the marriage of her youngest daughter, Magdalena (Wideman) Meyer, died of heart disease. Her death occurred in June 1903. On 3 October 1905, Edward married his second wife. She was Nancy Grove, born 8 January 1854 in the village of Markham, Ontario. Nancy was a daughter of Abraham Grove and Fanny Miller. Nancy (Grove) Meyer died in the community of Altona, Pickering Township on 21 January 1922. Edward Meyer died at his Altona home on 5 April 1922. He rests in the Altona Mennonite Cemetery. Buried with Edward are both his first and second wives.

Out of Our Past