Canadian Events of the 1870s

July 15, 1870Manitoba and the Northwest Territories joined Confederation.
February 20, 1871Born 1810, artist Paul Kane died.
July 25, 1871Soldier Richard Ernest William Turner, recipient of the Victoria Cross was born.
July 20, 1871British Columbia joins Confederation
1871The Sun Insurance Company of Montreal was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1865. It began operations in 1871.
September 8, 1871Samuel McLaughlin, born at Enniskillen, Ontario
March 31, 1872First issue printed of the Toronto Mail newspaper. It would later become the Globe and Mail.
April 8, 1872Artist, Cornelius Krieghoff died.
November 30, 1872John McCrae was born. He became a noted poet, physician, artist and soldier.
January 10, 1873George Orton born. He became an Olympic gold medalist. He was the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal.
May 23, 1873North-West Mounted Police were founded.
July 1, 1873Prince Edward Island joins Confederation.
October 20, 1873Birth of Nellie McClung, feminist, politician and social activist.
November 5, 1873John A. McDonald resigns as Prime Minister of Canada.
January 16, 1874Birth of Robert W. Service, poet and writer.
March 9, 1874Joseph Casavant, manufacturer of Casavant pipe organs, died.
July 26, 1874Alexander Graham Bell revealed his invention of the telephone. He presented the invention at the family home near Brantford, Ontario.
October 27, 1874The biggest wooden ship ever built, in the Maritimes, was the William D. Lawrence. It was launched at Maitland, Nova Scotia.
November 30, 1874Birth of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author.
April 5, 1875Supreme Court of Canada created.
1875Jennie Trout becomes the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada.
June 1, 1875Construction begins on the Canadian Pacific Railway.
1875The Hospital for Sick Children is founded.
September 6, 1875Birth of Canadian Marine Biologist Edith Berkeley.
April 3, 1876Birth of actress Margaret Anglin. She also became a director and producer.
August 10, 1876Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell, began working on his invention of the telephone in 1874. In 1876, he makes the first ever long-distance call from Brantford to Paris, Ontario.
1876Founding of the Toronto Women’s Literary Club.
 February 28, 1877Founding of University of Manitoba.
August 5, 1877Artist Tom Thomson born.
November 3, 1877Death of William Henry Draper, politician, lawyer and judge.
November 8, 1877Death of John Cook who had been a soldier in the War of 1812 and fought at the Battle of Crysler’s Farm.
September 18, 1878Birth of William Sherring, a marathon runner and future Olympic gold medalist.
March 20, 1879Birth of physician-scientist Maud Leonora Menten.
August 1, 1879Birth of singer and entertainer Eva Tanguay.
October 7, 1879Death of William Henry Pope, lawyer, politician and a Father of Confederation.
November 11, 1879Her birth name was Violet McNaughton but she was known as Jean Adair during her acting career.
1879McGill University students in Montreal play the first organized games of hockey. Their game was played with a flat puck rather than the use of a ball as in earlier games.