Canadian Events of the 1880s

1880From 1880 until 1975, Bell Canada operated as one of Canada’s most important and powerful companies.
June 24, 1880First performance of “O Canada”
May 9, 1880George Brown, journalist and politician died. He was also one of the Fathers of Confederation.
1881The Canadian Pacific Railway was created.
 February 16, 1881Canadian Pacific Railway was incorporated.
June 17, 1881Birth of Tommy Burns, Canadian born world heavyweight champion boxer.
January 8, 1882David Milne, painter, print maker and writer was born.
October 3, 1882Birth of A. Y. Jackson, painter and one of the Group of Seven.
August 31, 1883The Calgary Herald newspaper published for the first time.
November 18, 1883Standard Time is adopted by Canadian and US railroads.
1883The Toronto Women’s Suffrage Association replaces the Literary Club.
1884Sir Sandford Fleming had developed an international standard time and official time zones. The system was adopted in this year.
January 2, 1884Humber Railway Disaster near Toronto, Ontario, on the GTR (Grand Trunk Railway).
January 17, 1884New electric lighting switched on in the Parliament Buildings.
April 8, 1885Death of writer, Susanna Moodie.
April 9, 1885Birth of Frank Patrick O’Connor, businessman, politician and philanthropist.
May 8, 1885Birth of Thomas B. Costain, journalist and historical novelist.
June 27, 1885Birth of Arthur Lismer, painter, one of the Group of Seven artists.
November 5, 1885Birth of Lawren Harris, painter, one of the Group of Seven.
November 16, 1885The last spike in the Canadian Pacific Railway is driven into place at Craigellachie, British Columbia.
June 3, 1886The game of Lacrosse introduced in Britain and Canada.
 June 6, 1886Ottawa Parliament Buildings opened.
 November 23, 1886Death of William Jack, astronomer.
 April 23, 1887Opening of McMaster University at Hamilton.
 February 20, 1887Birth of Vincent Massey, lawyer, diplomat and Governor General of Canada.
July 4, 1887Birth of Tom Longboat, long-distance runner.
October 8, 1887Birth of Huntley Gordon, actor
January 20, 1888Birth of Ethel Wilson, novelist and short story writer.
April 6, 1888Birth of Leonard Brockington, first head of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
May 3, 1888Birth of Johan Helders, photographer.
August 3, 1888Birth of Margaret Murray, journalist.
September 18, 1888Birth of Grey Owl, writer and conservationist.
1889Dominion Women Enfranchisement Association was created to campaign for women gaining the right to vote.
June 5, 1889Death of A. B. Rogers, surveyor who discovered the Rogers Pass in British Columbia.