John Clarke Watchmaker

John Clarke, born in Northern Ireland, came to Montreal, Canada East, when he was still a child. In his later twenties, John moved to Peterborough, Canada West. Here he became involved in the business of watchmaking and repair. At first John worked in the business of Mr. Templeton Brown. Some years later, John formed a partnership with Mr. Brown.

When Templeton Brown decided to moved to Kentucky in the United States, John Clarke took over the watch making and jewelry business, running it for a number of years on his own.

A New Partnership

In 1889, John Clarke formed a new partnership with Alex Gibson. Under the name of Clarke & Gibson, the two men continued in the watchmaking-jewelry business for ten years, until John Clarke retired. The partnership was dissolved at that date.

From his obituary in the Peterborough Review, are taken the following additional bits of information:

 Mr. Clarke never married. He leaves two nephews in Montreal, son of his sister, Mrs. Graham, of that city, and several grand-nephews and nieces. He never took an active part in any public or social affairs, but was highly respected by all who knew him. He was 77 years of age.
The funeral will taken place at 2:30 o’clock tomorrow afternoon from Nicholls Hospital and proceed to the Little Lake Cemetery.

John Clarke is buried at Little Lake Cemetery, in the plot owned by his friend and business partner, Alex Gibson.

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