George Matthews

Born in Birmingham, England on 18 September 1834, George Matthews came to Canada as a young man in 1852. It was not many years before he married Anne Smithson, daughter of William Smithson and Sarah Mason of South Monaghan Township, Durham County, Ontario. Anne was born in the township on 21 January 1838.

George and Anne established their home in the town of Lindsay, Ontario where he worked as a pork packer. In 1860, their first child, Frances Lucy was born. In 1862, a son, William Ezra was born to the young family. Sarah Elizabeth followed in 1864, George Sands in 1867; Thomas Francis in 1869 and Robert Charles in 1872. In 1873, Albert Edward was born. Isabella Annie was born in 1876, Joseph Henry was born in 1878; Alfred Joseph in 1879 and Alice Maud was born in 1883. In all this gave George and Anne a family of eleven children.

In 1882 George Matthews began a meat packing business in Peterborough. The Matthew’s company store in Lindsay opened in 1877, some years earlier.

In Peterborough, he built a large factory for cutting and curing pork. His new business was located at 148 George Street.  The company buildings included both ice and slaughter houses. The business offices and retail shop were located at 356 George Street and was described in its day, as being at the south end of George Street.

In the year 1888- 1889 those working at the George Matthews Company included:

Walter Barlow, clerk, lived at 154 George
Jeremiah Daley, pork packer, lived at 99 Elm
James Gosla, driver, boarded at 139 George
William J. Green, driver, boarded at 272 Stewart
William Matthews, manager, lived at 218 Wolfe
George J. Matthews, clerk, boarded 218 Wolfe
Frank Matthews, clerk, boarded 218 Wolfe
George Matthews, lived at 356 George Street

By the year 1893, the company had the following employees:

Walter C. Barlow, manager, lived at 154 George
Frank Baxter, lived in Ashburnham
James Bourne, lived at 221 Rink
Robert Boyes, lived at 26 Paterson
Joseph Cranfield, lived at 76 Lake

Thomas Goselin, boarded at 149 George
James Graham, lived at 122 Dublin
Joseph Graham, lived at 122 Dublin
William Green, boarded at 173 Park

William Green, butcher, lived at 173 Park
James Jackson, lived at 91 Smith
William Jobe, lived in a house on the corner of Lake & George streets
George Matthews, Pork Packer, lived in Lindsay
George S., Matthews, manager, boarded in a house on the corner of Bethune & Dalhousie
R. Charles Matthews, bookkeepr, boarded in a house at the corner of Bethune & Dalhousie
T. Frank Matthews, Financial Manager, lived at 218 Wolfe
William Outram, clerk, lived at 368 Sherbrooke
Robert Stenton, driver, lived at 88 Wescott
Thomas Williams, boarded at 149 George

By the year 1899, Thomas Francis Matthews was the Secretary-Treasurer of the George Matthews Company. Thomas married Ella Martha, daughter of James and Rosanna (Armstrong) Stratton, of Peterborough. Their wedding took place on 7 June 1892 in Peterborough.

That year of 1899, employees of the company included:

Bookkeeprs: William Aitchison; Percy McLean

Employees: Thomas Bacon; Robert Barton; Frank Baxter; Henry Brault; Thomas J. Brooks; William Clark; John Collins; Patrick Corsey; Joseph Cranfield; Nelson Feele; Lawrence Giddy; Wilburt Giddy; Robert Goodenough; William Gray;  Edward G. Hartley; Charles Hawkins; David Jones; Juby Henry; Harry Keller; James Kellert; Frank Lefebvre; James May; Joseph Ranger; Frederick Rishea; Abraham Smith; George White; William Woods

Clerks: Walker C. Barlow; William J. Outram

Fireman: John Bateman

Carpenters: James Bourne; Albert Dunsford; George Sloan

Trimmers: Robert Boys; Patrick Coursey; Alfred Gaskin; James Jackson; Alfred Lefave; Henry Nash; William Tinkler; George Westwood

Cooper: Bernard Brooks

Packers: Harry Castle; James Donell; Charles Dunnett; Stephen Gaskin; John Scott; William Woodley

Butchers: Reuben Castle; Arthur Green; Andrew Jackson; George Throop; Samuel Walker

Sausage Maker: George Dryland

Cashier: Lillie E. Foot

Foreman: William J. Green Jr.

Engineers: Ethelbert Hunt; Frederick E. Hunt

Teamster: Robert Stenton

Shippers: Gilbert Thompson; Gilbert Thomson