School Section 7 MacAulay Township

SS 7 was located on Lot 18, Concession 12. The teacher shown in front of the school on this occasion was Oscar A. Kirk who taught at the school from 1933 to 1935. The school was a frame structure. It was at some point, covered with red painted tin.

Teachers: Lizzie Ewing, 1911; Nellie Henry, 1912; Bertha Bailey, 1913; Elsie Finch, 1914-15; Eva Nickason, 1916-1919; Edna Henry, 1920-21; Margaret Isaac, 1922; Bertha Denchman, 1923; Elsie Smith, 1924-25; Henrietta McCaulay, 1926; Dorothy Sheppard, 1927-28; Gladys Devlin, 1929; Margaret Tretheway, 1930; Mary Sagle, 1931; Clayton Brown, 1932; Oscar A. Kirk, 1933-35; Reginald Coombs, 1936; Verdun Gibson, 1937-41; Constance Fuller, 1942; Denalda Brodie, 1943; Gordon Cameron, 1944-46; Gerald Cox, 1947; Martha Galway, 1948

MacAulay Township SS 7 Class Photo circa 1916- 1917

Left-Right Back Row: Edgar Brooks, Johnny Glazebrook, Lawrence Everett, Ken Orr, Jane Hall, Mabel Forsyth, Lloyd Forsyth
Front Row: Olive Forsyth, Mary Hall, Maude Hall, Hubert Everett
Source: Macaulay Township in Days Gone By, published 1970; Author: Gary Denniss
Photo Courtesy Mrs. William Page

Edgar Roydon Brooks, was the son of Edith Mae Brooks. He was born 6 September 1904 in Huntsville, District of Muskoka. Edgar attended Section School 7 in Macaulay Township, Muskoka District.

On 4 February 1928, at Penetanguishine in Simcoe County, Edgar married Helene Anna Tessier. She was born in Penetang in 1909, a daughter of Francis Tessier and Rosina Denis.

Johnny Glazebrook was another young student attending SS 7 when the school photograph was taken. No further details were learned about him.

Johnny Glazebrook
Lawrence Isaiah Everett

Lawrence Isaiah Everett was born 26 November 1904 in MacAulay Township, Muskoka District. He was a son of Levi Everitt and Dorcas Ann Winters and thus a sibling to Hubert Everett.

Nothing more was learned about Lawrence.

Kenneth Orr was 13 years old in 1911. He was shown as the adopted son of Robert and Christina Orr of Macaulay Township.

The age of Kenneth in 1911 would indicate the school photograph was taken around that year, since Kenneth would not have attended school for more than another couple of years, if he was 13 years old in 1911.

Kenneth Orr

Ellen “Jane” Hall was born 9 May 1904 in Monck Township, Muskoka District. She was a daughter of Thomas Hilton Hall and Elizabeth Jane Winters. The 1911 census shows her as Ellen, a 7 year old in the household of her parents, Thomas and Lizzie. Ellen Jane had an older sister, Ada who was 14 years old in 1911 and younger sisters, Mary, age 5 and Lily, age 2.

Ellen Jane Hall married George Oscar Humphrys at Bracebridge on 20 October 1926. George was born in Baysville, McLean Township in 1899, a son of William and Mary Elizabeth (Fisher) Humphrys.

Mabel Elizabeth Ellen Forsyth was born at Lot 19 Concession 13, in MacAulay Township, on 1 May 1905. She was a daughter of Robert Forsyth and Sarah Ann James. In 1911, Mabel was 6 years old, living at home with her older sister Anne and younger siblings, Lloyd aged 4 and Olive aged 1 year.

Given that Lloyd and Olive are also in the class photo, this also places the picture having been taken around 1916 or 1917 for the two younger children to be of school age.

At the young age of 16 years, Mabel Forsyth married Dalton Oliver. He was 27 years old, born in 1894 in Falkenburgh, Ontario. Dalton was the son of Joseph Oliver and Emma Spencer.

Lloyd Robert Forsyth

Lloyd Robert Stanley Forsyth was born 30 May 1907 in MacAulay Township, Muskoka District. In 1911 his parents, Robert Scott Forsyth and wife, Sarah Ann James, lived in MacAulay Township, Muskoka District. Lloyd was a 4 year old that census year.

On 30 September 1930, Lloyd married Alice Charlotte Vanclieaf in Stephenson Township, Muskoka District. She was the daughter of George Vanclieaf and Sadie Shannon.

Olive Evelyn Forsyth was born in Port Sydney, Muskoka District on 18 June 1909. She was a daughter of Robert Scott Forsyth and Sarah Ann James.

On 23 December 1926 in MacAulay Township, Olive married Donald Kerr. Donald was born in Toronto in 1903, a son of Donald and Helen (Elliott) Kerr.

Mary May Hall was born 24 May 1906 in MacAulay Township, Muskoka District. She was the younger sister of Ellen Jane and a daughter of Thomas Hilton Hall and Elizabeth Jane Winters.

On 12 November 1931, at Toronto, Ontario, Mary Hall married William Richard Pearce. William was born in 1904 in Devonshire, England. His parents were William Chamberlain Pearce and Mary Langdon.

Lily “Maude” Hall was born 21 January 1909 at Lot 15 Concession 11 in MacAulay Township, Muskoka. She was a young sister of Ellen and Mary, thus also a daughter of Thomas Hilton Hall and Elizabeth Jane Winters.

In 1911, Lily was the youngest child in the Hall household. Twenty years later, in Toronto, Ontario, Lily married John Rodgers Farrell. Their wedding took place on 23 June 1931. John was the son of Edward Farrell and Mary Rodgers.

Hubert James Everett was only 2 years old in the year 1911. His birth registration indicates that Hubert was born 18 February 1909 at Lot 18 Concession 12 in Macaulay Township. He was a son of Levi Everitt and Dorcas Ann Winters.

In this school photo Hubert appears to be about five or six years old, thus indicating that the photograph was taken around 1916 or 1917.

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