Peter Calcutt Family

Peter Percy Calcutt was born in Sambury, England on 23 July 1820. His surname appears in several records as Caulkett. He came to Upper Canada possibly in the 1830s. It was in the later years of that decade that he married Mary C. Owens. She was born in Wales, about 1820.

Their first son, Thomas, was born in Hope Township, Durham County, Ontario about 1838. Thomas was followed by another twelve children: Anna born 1842, Joseph Alfred born in 1842, Elizabeth and Mary Ann both born in 1843, Peter Percy born  1844, Penelope born 1847, Martha born 1849, Mary born 1850, Paul born 1853, Margaret born 1855, Silas born 1857 and David H., born 1860.

In 1861, the family lived in Hope Township. By this time, ten of their children were living: Thomas, age 23 years, Joseph, age 19, Mary A., age 17, Peter, age 15, Penelope, age 13, Martha, age 13, Paul, age 8, Margaret age 6, Silas age 4 and David aged 1 year.

By 1880, Peter and Mary had moved their family to the State of Michigan, USA. This is where they spent the remainder of their lifetime. Mary (Owens) Calcutt died of consumption, in Calhoun County, Michigan on 9 October 1879. Her husband, Peter, died in Sanilac County, Michigan in 1892.

Joseph Alfred, son of Peter and Mary (Owens) Calcutt, was born in 1842. As a young man he married Laura Clark. They had two daughters and three sons. Joseph died in St. Clair Michigan on 8 June 1914.

Ezra Cummer, father of Sarah Catherine Cummer

Peter Percy, son of Peter and Mary (Owens) Calcutt, was born in 1844 in Hope Township, Canada West. Peter married Sarah Catherine, daughter of Ezra and Abigail (Mathews) Cummer. Sarah was born in the community of Willowdale, today part of the city of Toronto, Ontario. They lived in Michigan and raised a family of six children.  Peter Percy Calcutt died 4 March 1936 in Traverse City, Michigan. Sarah (Cummer) Calcutt died in 1948.

Martha, daughter of Peter and Mary (Owens) Calcutt, was born in 1849 in Hope Township, Durham County, Ontario. She married Myron C. Sabins on 3 August 1867 in Grant County, Wisconsin, USA.

They had a family of three daughters and a son. The girls were Elfae, born 1870, Nellie Anna born 1873 and Mary Bell, born 1877. Their son was R. T. Sabins, born 1879.

Martha (Calcutt) Sabins died in 1935.

Martha Calcutt, wife of Myron Sabins. Myron seated on rocking chair.

Here is another Calcutt family story. Whether or not these two families are connected remains to be discovered.

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