Caleb Lousley Family

Caleb Lousley was born in England, 21 November 1841. A son of Joseph Lousley, Caleb came to Canada West in 1861. Within a few years he married Mary Ann Kemp, born 22 January 1846 in Ireland. Mary Ann was a daughter of Thomas Kemp and Fanny Wilton. Her parents had come to Canada West in 1851 and first established a home in Hope Township, Northumberland County.

A New Family

Caleb and Mary Ann were living in Anstruther Township on Lots 37-38 of Concession 3 in the mid 1870s. By 1871 they already had a family of three young daughters and a son. Hannah, their eldest, was born in 1865. She was followed by Florence in 1866, then Charlotte in 1868. Joseph Albert George Lousley was born 24 May 1870.

The family continued to live in the area into the early 1880s. Another five daughters were born to them during these years. Catherine Maude was born in 1872; Roberta Laura in 1874; Ella Louisa in 1876; Victoria Anne in 1878 and Ada Lucinda in 1880.

Moving Westward

In the closing years of the decade of the 1880s, another three daughters were born. Maud Marie was born in 1882; Gertrude Mary in 1884 and Bernice in 1888. By 1891 the family had moved to Halton County, settling in Trafalgar Township. Here they remained into the early 1900s.

Relocation to Lincoln County

Before 1911, the family had moved once more. Now they made their home in the town of Merritton in Lincoln County. For many years their home was on Canal Street. That was where Caleb died on 28 December 1922 in his 82nd year. Mary Ann (Kemp) Lousley later moved to another house at 17 Haight Street in Merritton where she died on 20 February 1932.

Photo credits: Neilsen-Altman family tree online

Mary Ann (Kemp) Lousley

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