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A McIntyre Family in Eldon Township

Widow McIntyre came to Upper Canada in the 1830s. She was accompanied by her four sons, young men ranging in age from about 19 years down to 15 years. Her boys were Duncan, born 1801; Angus, born 1806; Archibald born 1811 and Andrew, born in 1816.

After arriving, the family settled in Eldon Township, in a community that became known as Mildland Junction because it was located at the intersection of the Midland and Toronto & Nipissing railways.

After acquiring land in the township, the family worked at clearing and building their homestead.

McIntyre Headstone
Source: Find A Grave

Duncan's Family

About 1834, Duncan McIntyre, married Scottish born Mary Currie. Around that same year, Angus McIntyre married Margaret Mitchell. Archie McIntyre, born in the early 1800s in Scotland, married circa 1836 in Upper Canada. His wife’s name was Catherine Keith. Andrew McIntyre, born in Scotland, married Catherin Fraser about 1844.

In the 1850s, the four sons continued to live in Eldon Township with their young families. Into the 1860s, the families continued to live in Eldon Township, although Angus McIntyre died in the latter 1850s.

In 1871 the little hamlet, where the McIntyre families resided, was given a new name in honour of Sir John Douglas Campbell, Marquess of Lorne who lived from 1845 until 1914. The village became Lorneville.

Duncan and wife, Mary (Currie) McIntyre had a family of ten children. Donald was born in 1835; Alexander in 1837; Andrew in 1839 and Duncan in 1841. Next were two daughters, Sarah born in 1843 and Mary born in 1845. Laughlin was born in 1847; Catherine in 1849; Effie in 1855 and Angus in 1856.

Duncan Sr., died on 3 January 1877 in the village of Woodville, Eldon Township. Mary (Currie) McIntyre died in Eldon Township on 10 October 1892.

Angus' Family

Angus McIntyre (1806-1860), married Margaret Mitchell about 1834. Margaret was born in Scotland about 1822.

They had a family of seven daughters and two sons. Their first child was Mary, born in 1835. She was followed by Margaret born in 1842; Donald in 1844; Effie in 1846; Isabelle in 1847 and William in 1848. The three youngest daughters were Annie born in 1850; Elizabeth born in 1853 and Sarah born also about 1853.

Back Row: Sarah, Mrs. Malcolm/ Morrison; Isabelle,
Mrs. William Forbes; William; Donald; Elizabeth (Campbell); Annie (Ferguson) Front Row: Effie, Mary (Hossach); Margaret (Mitchell) McIntyre; Margaret (MacEachern)

Annie & Will McIntyre
Annie & Will McIntyre

William McIntyre, born 28 July 1848 in Lorneville, was the youngest of the sons of Angus and Margaret (Mitchell) McIntyre.

On 25 December 1884 in Eldon Township, William married his cousin, Annie McIntyre. Annie was the daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre.

They had one daughter, Katie, born in 1891.

William died at Beaverton, Ontario on 12 March 1911. Annie died on 29 October 1927.

Annie & Will McIntyre
Annie & Will McIntyre

Archibald's Family

Archibald McIntyre was the third son who came to Upper Canada with his widowed mother. He was born about 1811 in Scotland and married Catherine Keith circa 1836.

Their first son, Malcolm, was born in 1837. He was followed by Mary born in 1839; Donald born in 1842; Gilbert born in 1844; Duncan, born in 1846 and Catherine born in 1847. The youngest three children in the family were sons: Angus born in 1849; Peter born in 1850 and Andrew.

Well into the 1880s, Archie and Catherine resided in Eldon Township.

Andrew's Family

Andrew McIntyre was the youngest of the four sons who came from Scotland in the 1830s. Andrew married about 1844 to Catherine Fraser. She was also born in Scotland.

Mary their first child, was born in 1846. She married in Midland, Ontario on 17 October 1883. Her husband was John Neil Campbell, son of Neil and Flora. John and Mary had three daughters and a son. John Campbell died in 1914. His wife, Mary (McIntyre) Campbell died 29 October 1926.

Catherine Fraser,
wife of Andrew McIntyre

Donald Andrew, second child of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born in 1848. He married Flora MacEachern on 14 March 1877, at Toronto, Ontario. Donald and Flora had a family of five sons and two daughters. Donald Andrew McIntyre died 27 November 1914. His wife, Flora (MacEachern) McIntyre, died in 1943.

Effie, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born 1 February 1851 in Eldon Township. She grew up and married Duncan McIntyre on 25 April 1875, in Toronto, Ontario. Duncan and Effie had a family of six children, four sons and two daughters. Duncan McIntyre died 19 June 1918. His wife, Effie, died 23 March 1924. They rest in Pinegrove Cemetery, Norland, Ontario.

Jessie, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born 18 march 1851 in Mara Township, Ontario County, Ontario. She grew up and married Neil Smith. They had a family of eight daughters and two sons. Neil Smith died in 1925. Jess (McIntyre) Smith died 30 January 1929 at Brechin, Ontario.

Annie, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born in 1855 in Eldon Township. As noted under William McIntyre, Annie married her first cousin.

Angus, son of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born in 1857. No additional information was located for Angus.

Duncan, son of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, later married Isabelle MacEachern in Eldon Township on 4 August 1891. Isabelle was born in November 1856 in the township, a daughter of Dugald MacEachern and Ann McAlpine. They had two daughters and a son. Duncan died on 13 December 1922 at the home in Eldon Township. Isabelle (MacEachern) McIntyre died at their home on 27 November 1939.

Jane, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born in 1860 in Eldon Township. She grew up and marriaged Robert Albert Wilson, on 11 January 1882. They married in Mariposa Township. Robert was the son of Alexander Wilson and Martha Taylor. They had two daughters. Jane (McINtyre) Wilson died 7 March 1897.

Hugh, son of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born 23 November 1866 in Eldon Township. As a young man, he married Katie McKeown on 18 January 1893 at St. Andrew’s Church in Eldon Township. Katie, daughter of Alexander and Catherine McKeown, was born in 1868 in Eldon Township.

Hugh McIntyre died at Edmonton, Alberta on 10 February 1948. His wife, Katie (McKeown) McIntyre, died in 1952 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Katie, daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Fraser) McIntyre, was born in July 1870 in Eldon Township. She grew up and married Donald McRae, son of John and Elizabeth (McCuaig) McRae. They married on 4 October 1901. A little more than a year later, Katie (McIntyre) McRae died on 17 December 1902, at their home in Thorah Township. Her death appears to be due to complications of child birth. Her baby daughter was still born, that same day.

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