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A McCuaig Family in Eldon Township

Many families who came to settle in Eldon Township, arrived from Scotland in the 1830s. Included among the arrivals were a goodly number who belonged to the surname of McCuaig. There were in fact, so many different McCuaig families that it is a challenge to separate and follow the single thread of just one family group.

The family of Donald McCuaig (1825-1911) was related to the family of Colin McCuaig (1808-1882). Donald was a cousin to the other McCuaig family, thereby introducing a set of common grandparents for the above named two men.

Donald Angus McCuaig was born in Scotland on 6 May 1824. He was a son of Angus McCuaig (1794-1881) and Catherine McNab (1794-1878). Donald came to Upper Canada in 1832, at the age of eight years. He was the eldest and only son of six children born to Angus and Catherine. Younger sisters included Mary born in 1827, Catherine born in 1829, Margaret, born 1833, Nancy born in 1836 and Isabella born in 1837.

Angus and Catherine (McNab) McCuaig settled in the emerging community of Woodville in Eldon Township, Upper Canada. Angus died on 8 January 1881. Catherine had died at their Woodville home a couple of years earlier, on
5 March 1878. They rest in the Woodville Presbyterian Cemetery.

Possibly Mrs. Donald McCuaig

Catherine McCuaig and her daughter Louella Mae Campbell

Donald McCuaig’s Family

When he was in his late thirties, Donald married Elizabeth Graham. Elizabeth was born in Scotland about the year 1837 and came to Canada West in 1854. She was a daughter of Peter Graham (1795-1872) and Elizabeth McNabb (1810-1890). The wedding of Donald and Elizabeth took place on 14 April 1862 at Woodville, Eldon Township.

They settled into farming on land in the township and before long began to raise a family. In the 1870s, Donald and Elizabeth were farming on a property near his parents. Catherine, who was known most of her lifetime as Katie, was born in 1865. In February 1867, Elizabeth was born. Next came a son, Peter, born in 1871 and then another daughter, Annie, born in 1872. Mary was born in 1873, Angus in 1874 and finally their youngest child, Daniel was born in 1876.

The Growing Years

The children grew up in Eldon Township, attending school and doing chores to help with the running of the homestead farm. When she was twenty-two years old, Katie married William Hunter Campbell. Their wedding took place on 17 October 1888, in Eldon Township. William, born in Eldon Township in 1862, was a son of Archibald Hunter Campbell and Margaret MacMillan.

Campbell Headstone
Source: Canadian Gravemarker Gallery


William and Katie had a family of six children. Peter was born in 1890; Mae Luella was born in 1892; Archibald was born in 1897; Donald in 1898; Annie in 1902 and William Jr., was born in 1907. After a lifetime together in Eldon Township, Katie (McCuaig) Campbell died on 6 February 1931 at their home on Concession 5 Lot 7. William Hunter Campbell died in Eldon Township in 1940. They rest in the Woodville Presbyterian Cemetery

Standing in photo at right:
Archibald H. Campbell, Annie McCuaig; William Hunter Campbell, Mae Campbell, Peter Angus Campbell, Catherine “Katie” McCuaig

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Elizabeth, daughter of Donald and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born in Eldon Township in February 1867. She died in Toronto, on 12 February 1946. Elizabeth’s remains were brought home to Woodville for interment in the family plot.

Peter, son of Donald and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born 9 August 1871. Peter died at the age of seventeen years. His remains were interred in the family plot at Woodville Presbyterian Cemetery.

Annie, daughter of Donald and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born 13 July 1872 in Eldon Township. When Annie was thirty-three years old, she married Archie Carmichael. Archie, born in 1864 in Eldon Township, was the son of Archibald and Ellen (McPherson) Carmichael. Their wedding took place at Woodville on 26 March 1902.

Archie and Annie lived in the village of Woodville. Archie had employment working as a wood worker in a casket factory. The couple had one daughter, Islay Carmichael, born in 1905. When she was grown, Islay became a Registered Nurse, working for a time in the office of Dr. J. B. Cramer.

Archie Carmichael died at Woodville on 8 June 1935. Annie (McCuaig) Carmichael, died on 21 June 1941. They rest in the Woodville Presbyterian Cemetery.

Archie H. Cambpell, Islay, Annie McCuaig, Donald Campbell

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Neil & Morris McEachern

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Mary Smith, daughter of Donald Angus and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born 27 July 1873 in Eldon Township. On 16 January 1901, Mary became the wife of Malcolm McEachern. They had a family of one daughter and three sons. Their daughter Annie Margaret died as a toddler. She was born in 1905 and died in 1908. A son, Donald John, was still born in 1908. The youngest two boys were Malcolm born in 1909 and Neil born in 1915. Both boys grew to adulthood.

Malcolm McEachern died in 1941. Mary Smith (McCuaig) McEachern died in 1958.

Angus, son of Donald Angus and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born in September 1874. Angus died at the age of twelve years on 22 December 1886.

Daniel, son of Donald Angus and Elizabeth (Graham) McCuaig, was born in August 1876. Danny died at the age of thirteen years on 27 September 1889.


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