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Tedford in Dummer Township

Robert Tedford came from Portadown, County Armagh, where he was born about 1806. In the early 1830s, he married Jane Woodhouse. She was born in Belfast, County Armagh, around the same year as her husband.

At Newmarket in the Home District of Upper Canada on 23 August 1834, Robert and Jane had a daughter. She was named Ann.

The next year, a daughter, Jane, was born in the month of July. She died at the age of 27 years on 31 July 1862 and was buried in Little Lake Cemetery in Peterborough.

In 1837, a third daughter was born to Robert and Jane. This little girl was named Mary.

Richard, born in 1839, was the first son in the family.  He was followed a couple of years later by Robert who was born in 1841. In 1844, another son, John, was born and one more son, William, was born about 1849.

Robert Tedford Sr., husband of Jane Woodhouse, died in Otonabee Township on 8 December 1848. Thus, his youngest child, William, was born after the demise of his father. Jane continued to live in Dummer Township where she raised the children. In 1871, another of the children died. This was William who passed away in April 1871, at the young age of 21 years. He rests beside his sister, Jane, in Little Lake Cemetery.

Marriages of the Children

In this line of the Tedford family, most of the children lived to adulthood and married. Ann became the wife of James Fawcett. They lived in Otonabee Township and had a family of fourteen or fifteen children of which at least two died young. James Fawcett died in February 1899 in Otonabee. His wife, Ann (Tedford) Fawcett, died on 4 October 1920. They rest in Little Lake Cemetery.

Mary, third daughter of Robert and Jane (Woodhouse) Tedford, became the wife of James Freeburn. They had a family of three sons and a daughter. James Freeburn died in 1912. Mary (Tedford) Freeburn died 19 June 1931.

In memory of Richard TEDFORD 
Died June 13, 1897,
Aged 55 years, 8 mos., 5 d.
His wife Mary TROTTER ,
Died Sept 18, 1929,
Aged 79 yrs., 4 mos. 18 d.
wife of T. CALVERT ,
1876 – [Mar. 29,] 1924
Thomas CALVERT ,
1867 – [July 26,] 1947

Mary (Trotter) Tedford

Mary (Trotter) Tedford

Richard, son of Robert and Jane (Woodhouse) Tedford, married Mary Trotter on 24 February 1869 in Peterborough. Eleven children were born to them, of which one was born and died in 1870. Seven of their other ten children married and continued to live in Otonabee Township.

Robert, son of Robert and Jane (Woodhouse) Tedford, married Susannah Nesbitt. She was born in May 1847 in Otonabee Township, a daughter of Alexander and Susannah (Trout) Nesbitt. Robert and Susannah were married 26 January 1869. Their family included four daughters and five sons. Robert died in December 1905. Susannah (Nesbitt) Tedford died on 21 August 1910.

John, son of Robert and Jane (Woodhouse) Tedford, married Catherine Lydia Nelson. She was born in Otonabee on 4 April 1847, a daughter of Archibald Nelson and Ann Richardson. Catherine and John had a family of thirteen children, being eight daughters and five sons. Catherine (Nelson) Tedford died on 30 August 1917. Her husband, John, died 23 August 1925. They rest in the Lakefield Cemetery.

Elizabeth “Betsy” (Tedford) Bullock, who became the wife of William John Bullock.

Betsy was the fourth daughter and sixth child, of John and Catherine (Nelson) Tedford.

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